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Desofy is the first & most utilized decentralized social media mobile app built on the DeSo blockchain. Here you and only you own your data and content.

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You own the product

the product

It is now obvious that the current social websites collect your data, analyze it, create advertising profiles and sell them to advertisers. In these old-fashioned platforms you are the product, not the customer.

In Desofy, we strive to change this fact. We are building decentralized social media apps and creating new business models that put your privacy and interest first. We are here to disrupt the social media industry because we truly believe that things can, and SHOULD be done better!

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Share content that you own and connect freely

The blockchain technology finally makes it possible for you to build social profiles that you actually own and no one can take it from you, NOBODY. On our decentralized social network, no party can block, ban or delete your account nor can anyone remove your content. Enjoy your digital freedom!

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Reward creators with Diamonds

The money-native characteristic of the blockchain makes it possible to provide users more tools to reward the content and the creators they like. Diamond (aka social tipping) is the new like button. With one click you can send different amounts of $ to show your appreciation to the creator, with no middle party taking a fee.

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Mint your post as NFT

Your next post can be worth A LOT! Twitter CEO sold his first-ever tweet for $2.9 million dollars as NFT. In Desofy, every post can be minted as an NFT with a few simple clicks. This is the first time in history where NFTs and social media meet in one place. You can now display your art, collectables or precious moments on your social profile.

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Build communities with social tokens

As a creator on our dapp social media, you can have your own social token that connects you with your fans closer than it's ever been possible. You decide what value you want to provide to your holders. It could be an early access to your music or 1-on-1 personal chat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does decentralized social media matter?

Today, social media is more centralized than anything else. A handful of private companies control our private data, the content we create,  what we can share, what we should see and use these privileges to generate phenomenal profits using us as the product for their customers. Therefore, decentralizing social media and moving the power from the big monopolies back to the creators is essential and extremely needed since you, we and our kids are spending many hours on these social platforms providing them with more data and creating content for them. Decentralized social media solves content monopoly, censorship, creators underpayment and many more existing problems and in Desofy we set ourselves the goal to lead the way towards these solutions.

Why is Desofy built on the DeSo blockchain?

DeSo stands for Decentralized Social and it is the only blockchain that supports almost all social functions (e. g. Profiles, Posts, Social NFTs, … ) natively on-chain and it is built from the ground up to scale decentralized social applications to one billion users. Therefore, it is the best option to build the next social app that will go viral.

What is DeSo?

DeSo is the native currency that powers the DeSo blockchain. Every transaction (e. G. Post, like, comment) costs less than 1 Cent in $DeSo.

How can you earn DeSo using Desofy?

You can earn DeSo in many ways. Sharing valuable content that people appreciate can earn you hundred of dollars a day through diamonds (aka social-tipping). Another way is Minting art or utility NFTs and selling them or through creating your own social token and offering people value for holding it. You will receive a small configurable percentage every time someone buys your social token.

How can you create NFTs in Desofy?

It is as simple as creating a post on any other social media. With very few clicks you can mint your idea, the picture you draw or a historical moment as NFT.

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The next generation of social media is here. Now, you have the chance to be part of it via Desofy. Download our app for your device and enjoy the best mobile experience for DeSo!

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