December 5, 2022

How is DeSo (Decentralized Social) Blockchain Changing Social Media?

DeSo stands for Decentralized Social and it is a new layer-1 blockchain built from the ground up to decentralize social media. 100 of DeSo apps are already being built and utilized by top content creators.

The upcoming years are going to be very exciting for the web, as an emerging tech ecosystem that promises to revolutionize the current internet world is on its way. Web 3.0 or Web3 is a blockchain-powered decentralized internet that is going to support new ways of using the web and eradicating the control of a handful of centralized entities. There are wide aspects of Web3, but we will specifically talk about decentralized social media that is possible with Web3.

The current social media ecosystem is driven by a handful of tech giants that have control of the whole social media. They own the content you post, can block any content they want, can censor your posts, and even sell your data to others. Since blockchain-based Web3 is already shining up, the buzz around decentralized social media is growing a lot. And one name that is filling this gap is DeSo (Decentralized Social), a decentralized social blockchain that is going to revolutionize the social media we use today. So, how exactly DeSo social media focused blockchain can change social media, let's discuss it in this article.

DeSo Social Media – A Quick Overview

With the main goal to decentralize and revolutionize the social media experience, DeSo is a layer-1 blockchain that is built to scale storage-heavy social applications to billions of users to eventually decentralize social media.

Don't think of DeSo as a general-purpose blockchain. It is a decentralized social blockchain that is revolutionizing the internet by making it user-owned, creator-led, and accessible to millions of worldwide developers to build storage-heavy applications. Every dataset that is posted to the DeSo network gets stored on-chain with complete ownership of users. In short, it becomes easy to port your social content, coins, and NFTs between multiple applications built on DeSo.

Top DeSo apps - Introduction

DeSo blockchain is not a new platform that has just been released. There are already 100s of DeSo apps built on this blockchain, which range from social media apps to music, commerce, and NFT projects. Some of the leading decentralized social media apps built on DeSo include:

Diamond: A decentralized Web3 Twitter for creators to earn and communities to engage.

Desofy: A decentralized social media DeSo mobile app that recreates social media experience driven by user-ownership.

Stori: A decentralized TikTok for creators and fans to connect and earn through engaging stories.

Pearl: A decentralized Instagram for creators to engage and generate revenue with their fans.

NFTz: A decentralized social NFT marketplace similar to OpenSea.

DeSocialWorld: A decentralized social media that connects creators in multiple languages across any country in the world.

Mousai: A decentralized Spotify for musicians to present their musical work and earn via Web3.

5 Key Aspects of DeSo Blockchain Changing the Current Social Media

Other than the above applications, there are dozens of other storage-heavy apps built on DeSo till now. So, one thing sure about DeSo is that it is changing the current social media ecosystem to a decentralized one, but what makes DeSo so special? To answer it, let's now discuss the 5 key aspects of the DeSo blockchain that are meant to revolutionize the current social media:

1. One Identity Across Different Decentralized Social Media Apps

In the current Web2-based social media apps, you are required to create separate accounts on every social media app because they are not built from one central place and are also owned by different separate entities.

DeSo eradicates the separate account concept by allowing you to create just one profile and take that profile, social graph, and content over to all the apps across the chain. This implies that all DeSo apps can be accessed through one identity.Therefore, building your social account on one app like Desofy (The DeSo mobile app) means growing on all apps at once! Imagine when TikTok was released, if you could take all your Instagram followers with you, instead of starting from zero. Well, this is possible now!

2. Power Infinite-State Apps

Infinite-state apps are those apps that generate a new set of data with every transaction. For instance, social media apps generate new data every time a user posts, follows, likes, and does other activities. The current blockchains are focused to develop only "finite-state" apps where the storage and data are constant for every transaction. For such blockchains, the cost of storing just 200 characters on the blockchain is massive, as Cardano costs $0.15, Solana costs $0.27, Polygon costs $0.45, and so on.

DeSo is designed to power infinite-state storage-heavy apps to store and index the massive amount of data generated by social applications, such as profiles, posts, comments, likes, NFT activities, etc. Moreover, DeSo also keeps the overall cost low, i.e., the storage of 200 characters just costs $0.000017. This makes DeSo the leading blockchain capable of powering storage-heavy applications.

3. Censorship-Resistant

Claiming to provide freedom of speech is actually not always applicable in Web2. Social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and similar others are also censored. Your content can be taken down due to any reason and you have no say in it.

Being a decentralized social blockchain, the apps built on DeSo are user-driven with no central authority. This eradicates the concept of strict censorship and provides the freedom and privacy that users expect in the current era.

4. Content Ownership

In Web2 social media, you have no control. When you post, add a friend, or comment on any post, all the content belongs to that platform. Moreover, your content can be taken out by the platforms or you can even get banned, making your content and your profile gone forever.

DeSo offers a decentralized and user-owned social media experience in which you own your social graph, content, and everything you do on DeSo apps. All of your content is controlled through private/public keys, while you can even use end-to-end encryption to avoid any third person from seeing your content.

5. Self-Controlled Monetization from Day One

Monetization is Web2 social media is not creator supportive. Creators never know how much revenue the platform is generating from their content and what they are getting in exchange. Moreover, there is always a fear for creators that the platform might take them down or suspend monetization in light of any terms of service violation.

DeSo is innovating monetization by letting them have self-controlled monetization from day one. DeSo decentralized social blockchain empowers creators to start earning from new earning streams, such as NFTs, social tokens, crypto tips, DAOs, and many more.

Wrapping Up

DeSo is the first one addressing the untapped area of blockchain, i.e., social. With its capability to support infinite-state storage-heavy applications, DeSo is setting the founding stones for a decentralized social media experience. The existing DeSo social media apps are already game-changing, driven by users, controlled by users, and grown by users. With one identity, you can explore the whole platform from Desofy (The DeSo mobile app) to Stori, NFTz and others. To sum up, DeSo is the only blockchain that is capable of powering and scaling decentralized social applications and turning the social media experience fully controlled by users themselves.

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