December 12, 2022

Introduction to the DeSo Mobile App – Desofy

Desofy is the DeSo mobile app, the first and most widely used decentralized social media app that provides the freedom, privacy, and control users need today.

Just like NFTs and Metaverse, the concept of decentralized social media is becoming a new trend. The censorship, privacy concerns, and outages are all frustrating the users of the existing social media platforms. Users are urging to end this control of a handful of social media tech giants, that's why decentralized social media is getting more and more attention. DeSo is leading this trend and providing users the direction where to head for a decentralized social media experience.

DeSo is a layer-1 decentralized social blockchain that is designed to decentralize social media and also let infinite-state applications (storage-heavy applications) scale to millions of users across the world. It is 100% open-source and stores all social graphs and posts directly on-chain, which means there is no central authority and it's the user that owns their content. In short, DeSo is setting up an internet experience that is user-owned, creator-led, and open to millions of developers to create decentralized applications. 

DeSo blockchain has laid the foundation stones, but how to access DeSo decentralized social experience. That's where Desofy comes into action. Desofy is the first decentralized social media mobile app built on the DeSo blockchain. So, let's discuss in detail what Desofy is, its key features, and other aspects in this blog. 

Desofy – The First Social Media Mobile Dapp 

Desofy is the most widely used decentralized social media mobile dapp across the world. It is built on the open-source DeSo blockchain, which means that users have complete ownership of their content and data. To help better understand what Desofy is all about, let's first take a look at the objective behind Desofy.

There are only a handful of private companies that own the whole social media market today, which means that everything is centralized. From your personal data and content to all other social interactions, these tech giants are generating billions in profits. In short, you are the product for them, not a customer. So, this has to be changed and the only way to do so is to decentralize social media. That's the whole goal behind the DeSo mobile app Desofy.

Desofy is turning decentralized social media into reality by offering a Twitter-similar interface but without any censorship or content monopoly. With the Desofy mobile app, you can post, like, comment, and do all the social interactions that you are used to. In addition, it elevates the social experience further with creator coins and NFT posts, giving creators complete control of monetization. On top of that, Desofy stores all the user data in DeSo blockchain, making all the content stored on an open blockchain with no chance of any third party selling the content. 

Key Features of the DeSo mobile App - Desofy

Desofy is a game-changer in the social media world that is not just eradicating the existing monopoly of a handful of tech giants, but also providing more freedom, privacy, and earning opportunities to users. Below is a quick glimpse of some of the top-notch features of Desofy:

Digital Freedom

Desofy provides users with the digital freedom they need. Desofy ensures:

  • No censorship
  • No content monopoly
  • No user data sharing
  • No privacy breaches
  • No revenue from selling user content

Desofy is built on the DeSo blockchain that stores all the content on-chain. In simple words, you are creating a social profile that only you own, so no one can take it down. There is no central authority that can delete, block, or ban your account. In short, it is total digital freedom with state-of-the-art privacy. 

First Day Monetization

There are many complications of monetization in existing social media platforms, such as minimum subscribers, minimum length of the video, minimum watch hours, and a lot more. However, Desofy is changing the whole monetization experience for creators. It is making creators start earning from the first day by posting high-quality content. In fact, creators are in full control of monetizing videos, posts, images, etc. Below are the three leading monetization approaches of Desofy: 

1. Reward Creators with Diamonds

Desofy gives creators a chance to get rewards from the users directly in the shape of Diamonds (social tipping). Users can send diamonds or any amount of $ to creators to value their work. The whole process does not involve any middleman, eventually helping creators get the true value of their work.

2. Creator Coins

Every profile on Desofy has a dedicated "Creator Coin" that anyone can buy and sell. The price of these coins can go up and down based on the number of people buying and selling the coin. So, creators that are creating high-quality content can have more valued coins, which is another way for them to uplift their worth and generate more revenue.

3. Mint Every Post as NFT

Do you know that the first-ever tweet of the Twitter CEO was sold for $2.9 million as an NFT? With Desofy, you can mint every post as NFT now. With just a few clicks, you can turn a post into an NFT. In addition, you can also use your social profile to display collectibles, art, etc. 

Community Building with Social Tokens

Desofy empowers creators to build communities with social tokens. Through your own social token, you can engage more with your followers and even set different premium offerings, such as 1-on-1 personal chat, early access to music, etc.


Unlike the existing social media platforms that are full of ads, Desofy does not show a single ad to the users when scrolling the feed. The platform is generating revenue from the native token and gas fee. This way, users get a faster and more organic content experience.

Integration with Twitter

Desofy allows users to integrate their Twitter accounts. Once done, they are able to view all of their tweets and even import tweets to Desofy with just a single click. Moreover, they can also share their Desofy posts to their Twitter account directly. This way, users can easily move from Web2 to Web3 social media without any hassle.

Why is Desofy Built on the DeSo Blockchain?

DeSo is a "Decentralized Social" that is built to scale decentralized social applications to billions of users. Moreover, it is the only blockchain that can power storage-hungry (infinite-state) applications that generate non-stop data with every post, follow, like, etc. This makes DeSo capable of storing all profiles, posts, comments, likes, follows, NFT bids, social token activities, and similar others natively on-chain. So, all these top-notch attributes of DeSo make it the ideal blockchain to build a social media dapp like Desofy and provide users with a true decentralized social experience.

Wrapping Up

Decentralized social media promises more resistance to censorship and gives users the privacy and control they need. The buzz around decentralized social media is self-proving the users' interest. DeSo has played a game-changing role here by providing the decentralized social blockchain. On top of that, Desofy has made the users actually experience decentralized social media in an interface similar to the one they are used to. So, if you are also attracted to a decentralized social media experience, then it's time to download Desofy mobile app and get the experience yourself.

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